Thursday, January 27, 2011

I And Love And You

I know that I have shared The Avett Brothers with you before.  I just had to share another favorite with you.  I am amazed at how much music changes my life.  It affects so many aspects of my life,  I am so in love with music. I have decided to add a new element to this blog to show my love of music and it's life altering abilities.  I would love a place where I can show my affection for the auditory deliciousness of music.  So without further ado I introduce you to. . .

Auditory Deliciousness

I am going to be showcasing a video every Thursday.  I am excited to start this and would love your input.  What do you think of the videos I present as well as any suggestions would be wonderful.  I can't wait to hear your thoughts so please share.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hooray for color

I am IN LOVE with how well this turned out.  When we first started this project we were planning on glazing the dresser like this.  Well I don't know if it was because we sanded it so perfectly or what but when we put the glaze on it just looked dirty.  It looked like we didn't know how to clean our furniture.  Well Mike quickly wiped it off as fast as he could.  Luckily we ended up not having to sand it again to fix that mistake. 

After sanding it down Mike painted a couple of coats of white paint.  We thought it would look cool showing through when we distressed it.

Then we painted a few coats of the blue I picked out. (Flood Tide 5001-6A, Valspar)

After sanding and distressing we stained it, wiping off the stain immediately after. 

I love how the white shows through and how dark the stain was.

We also spray painted the handles rubbed bronze. (love that stuff!!)

Last we sprayed it with a lacquer, to finish it off.



I love how it turned out, perfect!!  Now our beige blob of a bedroom has color.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey everyone head on over to Just Between Friends.  I just discovered Jonie's adorable blog a few weeks ago.  I love all of her ideas, she is so creative.  She does a Must Make Monday post and I am featured.  I am so excited.
Just Between Friends

Monday, January 24, 2011


We have been working hard on getting our master bedroom decorated and organized.  I have been so in love with this color. 

So when my Mike suggested painting my old dresser I knew exactly what color I wanted.  Here is a picture of the dresser before.  Tune in next time for the finished project.

(obviously there are two more drawers at the bottom, Mike had already taken them out and sanded them before I got a picture)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Meg's birthday is coming up later this month.  We always have a combined birthday party since my birthday is around the same time.  (poor meg I joined the family and now she has to share her birthday!)  Anyway one of the things she wanted was an apron.  I made an apron for my aunt for christmas that was fun but it wasn't quite what I wanted to make for Meg.  I have to tell you it took me awhile to come up with what I wanted.  In the end I had to design my own to make it work.  I love the fabric, I was lucky and had everything I needed lying around in my stash (this doesn't happen often, my stash is pretty lame!!)

(Yes that is me wearing HER present and yes I am holding my dinner)

A few people have asked if I used a pattern.  To be honest I just found a pattern I liked and changed it a little (okay actually quite a bit).  I added a ruffle and rounded the bottom.  I didn't follow the top part at all.  I saw an apron that had the top gathered with the strap threaded through.  I was originally going to attach the straps to the back like the original pattern but decided not to.  My husband said he thought it would be better if it was adjustable and I totally agree.  I hope that is clear as mud!

Monday, January 17, 2011


My cute husband came home Friday with these . . .

I know I am totally spoiled. (I don't get flowers often Mike feels that since they just die soon anyway they are a waste, which I totally understand)  He knows I love to get flowers though.  He also came home with two different kinds of ice cream, whip cream, hot fudge sauce, butterscotch sauce, nuts, bananas, candy bars, and cherries.  He said he was going to make a me a special sundae.  He gave me a huge mug full of everything.  He had also bought me a cheesy valentines day mug that had a poem on it.  

I am so grateful for Mike.  He is amazing, I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I realize that it is almost halfway through January already but I have set a few resolutions.  I love the beginning of the year.  I feel so renewed and refreshed after all of the holiday craziness.  I have decided to put some of my resolutions here to help keep me on track.

Exercise more
I have actually been really good this year.  I have already worked off the 5 lbs I gained from the holidays.  I only have 10 more to go to get to the weight I want to be at.

Eat healthier
I have always been a person that eats whatever is in front of her, even if the portion is to big.  That was one of my resolutions last year.  I have gotten pretty good at portion control, now we just need to work on healthier.  Here is an example of how bad I have been at it.  Yesterday for lunch, I made myself a sandwich, a clementine, a light yogurt, and a some carrots.  That would be a sufficient lunch for anyone.  The rest of the day yesterday I craved something heavier like chocolate or a hamburger.  Pathetic right?

 I have to get my house decorated.  I know I am pathetic, we have lived in this house for over two years and it still look like a beige blob.

Scripture study

This is one that I have to be better at. I go through phases of being good then droughts of nothing!! AHHH I need to be better.