Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puppies in graduation caps

I am the MiaMaid advisor in our new ward. I absolutely love it. It is so fun to be with the cute girls. I feel like I am in Young Women's with them not their advisor. We have a really small group of girls. We only have 7 total, and we have no laurels at all. So we have combined lessons and activities. It is so fun to just goof off and have fun with them.
Alice has been so hard to house train. She still has accidents in the house at least once a day. Man I could strangle her if she wasn't so darn cute! Next Monday is the last day of her puppy class. She has done really well with most of it. I know it is cheesy but I am excited because we are supposed to bring a camera. They are going to take a picture of them in a little graduation cap. I think it is going to be so cute.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well I have found that I am terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing! I always forget to write something, or run out of time or whatever. Mike thinks I am silly for even having a blog. I think it is fun though! I am going to try harder to keep up on it! Well let's see, what has happened since I last wrote. . . My birthday was a week ago. I had the best one ever! Mike spoiled me rotten! Since my birthday was on a monday we had to skip our puppy class. Mike planned a great evening! First we went to FastKart. It was so fun because we were the only ones there so we just got to race eachother. Mike kicked my trash though! Then we went to Cafe Rio and went home and played games. Mike got me the bed frame that I have been wanting. We don't have the right size mattress yet, but I love my new bed. The friday before my birthday Mike went and got me a bunch of cake decorating stuff and we came home and made a cake and decorated it. It was so much fun to do that together. I love hanging out with him. He is the coolest!

Alice is doing okay. She is way smart. The only problem is she is taking a while to get house trained. She still has accidents every other day or so. She picks up on tricks really fast though. So far we have taught her to sit, lay down, shake, and give you a high five. She is so cute!! I love her.