Monday, September 19, 2011


I realize it has been forever since I wrote anything on this blog .  A lot has happened since I last posted something.  So here we go with the update!

  • I got released as Young Women's 2nd counselor and got called to play the piano in the Primary.  I am excited to work with the adorable little kids!
  • An amazing woman in my ward was moving and gave me her piano, so now I can practice!  Thanks Heather you are amazing, I miss you!
  • We went to Oceanside with my side of the family and had a blast!  
    Hayden and Me.  Isn't he a stud!!
    The men of the family
    Natalie looking gorgeous!
  • We went to Bear Lake over the 24th of July weekend with Mike's side of the family.

    The whole fam (Jen thanks for the pic)
    The good lookin babes!
    Mike showing Sam how to attract men, good job honey!
    Matchy matchy
    I love how this was the location of our family photos.
  • Celebrated our six year anniversary by taking a carriage ride downtown and having a wonderful meal at the Melting Pot.
Standing by our horse.  He used to work on an amish farm.

In the carriage

At The Melting Pot
  • We now have a gorgeous front yard thanks to the amazing Mike. Scott came over and helped him as well so thanks dad! We get a lot of compliments on the yard but for some reason everyone tells me how great it looks, instead of Mike. I guess I look like I did all of the work by myself!

    Digging the cutout
    Now we are ready to seed
    The men planning, oh yeah and Alice
Hurray for grass!

I love these cute little shrubs
I am sure there are a million little things that I missed.  I wanted to at least get a few things down while I had a chance.