Monday, January 5, 2009


For Christmas Mike bought me a puppy. She is so so so cute! He got me a West Hightland Terrier or a Westie. She is 11 weeks old and is so full of energy. She hardly ever barks unless her chew toy makes her mad. The only problem is house training her in the freezing cold. It is so fun getting up 2-3 times a night and taking her out. Luckily she is getting the idea. We have also cured her of her shoe addiction and working on the sock addiction. She loves to kiss you all the time. (a little too much sometimes) She gets so excited when you come home that she pees all over the floor. I have to say no one has ever been so excited to see me that they peed on the floor! Tonight we are taking her to puppy training at the PetSmart by our house. Hopefully she will be good with the other dogs and learn a lot. Anyway she is so cute and we love her! :D
Here she is with her pheasant. She loves this toy.
Mike got her the cutest little sweater, she looks so cute in it and she doesn't seem to mind too much when we put it on her to go outside.