Friday, May 7, 2010


I Love

Mike (I love this pic "what do you want?")

  •  He is the best husband ever
  • Listens to me (even when I am whiney, bought me the purse I wanted)
  • Treats me like a queen
  • Partner in crime
  • Love of my life
  • We always have fun

I Love

gallon size ziploc bags.  They are so awesome.
  • Storing leftovers (and you don't have to wash them!!)
  • Great for storing craft projects
  • Works better than saran wrap (ie. plates of cookies)
  • Keeping fabric organized for projects
I Love

My mom
  • It is great how close she lives
  • I can call anytime for a recipe or instructions for anything
  • We always get to go to lunch
  • She is a sharp dresser (great for hand-me-downs)
  • Loves me no matter what
I Love

My sewing maching and serger
  • Always great for a project
  • Works great
  • I love how easy they are to operate
I love

The spring
  • It always puts me in a good mood
  • I thank God for this beautiful earth he has given us
  • The end of winter (finally!)